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Welcome to the Gungbe Wikinews[jla asisado]

Hello, Misteld, and also ping Gadarawamo, Joshateji, Sagbosam, Jamex18, Ydamilola and Mirakappo.

Welcome to the Gungbe Wikinews! Congratulations on all your hard work that has brought us to this stage.

As you may know from when the other Gungbe projects were created, there are a few problems when a wiki is brand new. ALl of these problems should be solved within a few days – if any of them persist for more than one week, please let me know, and I can help find someone to fix it.

  1. The Visual Editor and the DiscussionTools might not work correctly. You could be able to create new pages with the Visual Editor, and post new threads with DiscussionTools, but editing existing pages and replying to discussions might not work.
    The workaround for this is to use source editing instead until the problems are fixed.
  2. Statistics on Special:Statistics and magic words like {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} might not work correctly.

Also, there is a special Wikinews problem: DynamicPageList is an extension used extensively by many Wikinews editions, and I see you have already been using it since the Incubator. Unfortunately, the extension has many problems, and the developers are not keen on enabling it for new wikis (they are trying to get rid of it altogether). So while it was working in the Incubator, it is not working on this new wiki. I am not quite sure how to solve this problem – if you have any other way of showing the newest news on pages like the main page on other pages in the Wikilinlin namespace, that would be good. We can try to request setting up the extension here, but I can not guarantee that request would be granted.

Anyways, if you need any help or have any questions, feel free to ask me. Best of luck with your new project! Jon Harald Søby (hodidọ) 17:00, 21 Lidosun 2023 (WAT)Reply[na gblọndo]

Hi Jon Harald Søby, We are happy to have this subdomain created. We will sure let you know if we have issues. Thank you very much.-Misteld (hodidọ) 17:42, 21 Lidosun 2023 (WAT)Reply[na gblọndo]